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MBPR is an easy to use blood pressure tracking App for iOS devices. It's purpose is to help people who wants to track their blood pressure readings. It look's like any other iPhone built-in App so it is really easy to use. With it you can monitor readings of all your family since it's multi-user!

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Check Easy-to-Use

My Blood Pressure Readings follows Apple guidelines to design user-friendly Appss. It is designed like any other iPhone built-in App so, right now you already know how it works! MBPR doesn't ask you for irrelevant data that your don't know at the moment of the reading, like height or weight. With MBPR you only have to enter the information that really matters: pressure and heart rate.


Check Multi-User

With an easy interface you can add or delete profiles for all your family. You can track their blood pressure separately and change between them while you take readings.


Check Touch Controls

My Blood Pressure Readings enables iPhone built-in touch controls to change between charts or resize the real view. Use the two-finger gesture to enlarge the detail view. Pan left of right to switch between charts.

Check Easy Sharing

Forget things like CSV or HTML. With MBPR you can send elegant reports of your readings to your doctor with just three touches!

Easy Sharing

Check High-Performance

MBPR is really fast even with hundreds of notes on old devices. Some other Apps only allow to keep a reduced number of records. With MBPR you can keep much more!


Check Localized

My Blood Pressure Readings is avaible in English, Spanish and Catalan. Feel free to contact with us if you're interested in translate MBPR to your own language.

Check Real View and Charts

If you track readings of older people, like your grandmother or grandfather you can make them participate in the activity showing them the reading: Real View allows to see detailed records printed in a virtual blood pressure device. MBPR also has easy-to-understand chart features with the information that really matters: If the blood pressure is constant or is rising.

Charts and Real View